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As configured MSRP*: $65,670
Lets design your dream kitchen.
Browse some of our templates for inspiration.
Then contact us for the limitless options of customization.
Template 1: Basic "L-shape"
This is a basic version of how to optimize your 10x10 space with a L-shape kitchen design.

MSRP**: Starting at $17,998
Template 2: "Inline 7"
Only got a wall to work with? Check out the "Inline 7" that our designers have created

MSRP**: Starting at $17,998
Template 3: Island paradise
Let us take you to an island paradise of kitchens. On the bigger side of footprints, taking up 23'x20', this stunning design allows for maximum space optimization while having ample room to move around

MSRP**: Starting at $17,998
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