ECLISSE Syntesis® Slide is the counterframe for pocket doors without jambs able to disappear completely in the wall. The absence of jambs facilitates the integration of the sliding surface, merging technology and design in the name of modernity.

The new integrated-structure profiles for the Syntesis® pocket sliding door system models are coated with a special resin to make installer’s job easier.
The rough texture of the coating provides greater adhesion, making it easier to apply the final coat of fine wall or drywall plaster to the edges and reveals of the doorway.
The counterframe includes elements and construction details, painted in the same color as the wall or decorated in the same way becomes completely invisible for a perfect camouflage of the structure.

Also available as a double pocket door solution. The frame is reinforced at key points to avoid strains that can cause cracks in the drywall. The vertical reinforced bars improves the strength of the pocket door by more than 40% in comparison with the preceding profiles, thus the risk of bending is considerably reduced.
Pre-drilled reinforcing horizontal bars
Thanks to their inverted swallowtail-shaped profile, the reinforcing horizontal bars made from 0.7 mm thick galvanized sheet steel sections offer excellent resistance to lateral pressure and ensure perfect, even sliding action of the door at all times. The reinforcing horizontal bars in the stud wall version are also predrilled to enable the plasterboard sheets to be attached faster and more easily.
Alignment Bar
It allows a solid joint between the frame and the metal stop jamb during the installation. It guarantees a perfect centered position.



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